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Welcome to Impact Media Group's Page for Media Consulting and Web Marketing Solutions

Welcome to Impact Media Group's Page for Media Consulting and Web Marketing Solutions. Impact Media Group has a focus on media consulting and creating web marketing solutions for our clients. We help our clients take initiative and effective action with marketing themselves effectively via the web, and the positioning of their brands towards gaining market share and competitive advantage.
Our role is to help clients remain focused and engaged on key marketing related issues that produces large results for business. Our goal is to help our clients create brands that have presence.
Feel free to give me a call or schedule time for us to talk. It’d be great if you tell me a bit about your business and marketing needs, so I can help you make the most of your opportunities right now.
You can reach out to us with your needs in the following areas:
  • Web Design Solutions
  • Mailer Solutions, List Building
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Site Audits and Page Rank Challenges
  • Marketing Message Solutions
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • On-line Strategy Consulting
  • Business Development Initiatives
  • Training
  • Leadership and Business Advice


Mobile Ready Websites. Tripadvisor Ratings

With recent changes in Google's handling of mobile searches you need to answer this question with a YES. If you have any uncertainties about whether your site is in fact mobile friendly please visit and get your SEO sitecheckreport here. Simply insert your web address (URL), run the check. Download the report alerting you to necessary updates as a PDF and discus the findings with your webmaster. Alternatively contact Impact Media Group if you have any questions or issues with this.


Unbelievable but Tripadvisor turns 16 in 2016! A recent infographic detailed some of the key statistics and lesser known facts about this site that has become the authority in the travel spheres. 

Tripadvisor set out as a travel review site, which remains its key benefit to this day. Yet it has fast become a fully-fledged online travel agency with its Instant Booking feature, and sees a constant migration of travelers from traditionalagencies to its pages.

Here are a few key stats that stand out:

  • Tripadvisor manages & operates 23 other travel media brands, i.e. Cruise Critic.
  • There are more than 350 million unique visitors per month on Tripadvisor branded websites!
  • 90+ million members have written more than 290 million reviews so far
  • There are more than 5.3 million properties listed on Tripadvisor. The most popular category? Restaurants, with more than 3 million.
  • 85% of questions posted in the English-speaking forum get answered by other users… within 24 hours!
  • There are over 230 million download of its mobile app – in fact Tripadvisor is the most popular mobile app in the travel vertical!
  • Almost 50% of user traffic to Tripadvisor comes from mobile or tablet.
Credit to Frederic Gonzalo for some of the original research.

Web Site Design Options

Contact us with your website design, SEO, or hosting related needs. We offer a full service specializing in new sites developed for the hospitality industry on content management platforms like Joomla, and WordPress.  We guarantee good SEO ratings, and beat the industry standard.

Client Site Reviews

Client Review
Site SEO Score: 82/100
Type:Premium Joomla CMS
Performance Indicator: Above Average
Mobile Friendly: Yes Fully Responsive 
This is a recent site that performs extremely well in Google in terms of search terms and overall page rank. The site is mobile friendly and renders perfectly across devices. Any SEO score above 75 is exceptional. Scores above 80 delivers an instant competitive advantage over competitor sites.