Living on Purpose


So are you living a life of purpose? How many people do you know who has a clear sense of purpose to guide them in their day-to-day? To give a brief definition of a life on purpose could be to say, “A life that is aligned with God’s purposes and plans for you.” Another way of putting this is to refer to an aligned life. A life of balance that contributes at the highest level, and utilizing your best gifts, abilities and talents.

An aligned life more than anything else is a life of peace and joy and power. Living on purpose also means understanding your core values and having an established identity. Too many people are trying to live the so called good life without a clue of who they really are, and what makes them come alive.

God always needs to establish us in your true identity before He can promote you into your destiny.

John Bevere

Giving yourself a low score on a life balance inventory means you lack the inner peace on living a purposeful life. A high score typically means you have a great deal of inner peace about this aspect of your life.

Developing your own purpose statement can be a lot of hard work, but it’s a sure way to end up living the life of balance and peace we so desperately desire.

Impact Coach is in the business of helping you succeed. Get in touch should you need help in establishing your core values, identity and your purpose statement.

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