Long live the new site

Welcome to the new site!

Wow! I’m back on the web. Cutting your losses to move on is sometimes exactly what is needed. For me “getting back in the game” with sorting out my website issues was taking massive action and deciding to delete the whole data base of my old site completely. Long live the new site!

The Chinese have a saying that goes like this. Your first loss is your best loss! I am sure you have seen this play out. Radical action is always costly, but often the ongoing costs and salvaging efforts amount to more of a loss than the initial cost and pain would have been.

Wisdom is knowing when your salvaging options are what is needed, or whether the risk of taking massive action is actually the most likely way forward. Of course those with a higher risk profile will take the massive action option easier when they have their back to the wall.

The one thing when it comes to the radical, or massive action option is that it should always be your own decision. Have the conviction when you act and go with how things play out. Take the shot!

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