The Shape of Life. Part 1

Those familiar with life assessments and life balance questions will understand this post the best. If you have never done one email me and I will send you a link. Life Balance assessments are tools helping us get a feel of how life “stacks up” for us. Much like a pilot looking at his dashboard while flying to navigate his way.

If you have done a wheel of life lately the important thing to do is to get your results out and ask yourself whether you are happy with the “shape” you are in. Another interesting question to ask yourself is which influences have mostly shaped your life as it is today? Talk about that later.

Part of the inspiration for this post is from a clip I saw of Bill Johnson talking about interrupting, or intruding on God’s sovereignty. Bringing God’s sovereignty into the discussion suggests that life can be as it “should be”. There is wisdom and maturity needed when we try and discern whether the way things are with us is in fact the way they “should be”, and “intended to be by God”.

So my big question I want you to consider in Part 1 of this post, is the following: “Is the shape your life is in right now necessarily God’s will for your life?”

Another way to look at this would be to consider: “Which elements of our current reality (the way life is for us) should we accept and even celebrate, and which part of it should be challenged and changed?”

Part 2 will be coming soon. Read and feel free to comment!

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