The Four Critical Questions

What can you be best at in the world?

What can you be best at in the world?

When last did you think about this? Where are you most talented? Everyone is born with some genius ability. However most people never truly discover and develop this ability. Talent comes so natural that we often do not even realize our potential in a specific area. I asked this question to a student this past week and she had a real moment of realization that she lacked belief in her own potential and ability.

What do you love doing most?

What do you love to do? What makes you come fully alive?

For me it’s communicating and sharing life changing, and liberating truths about improving life and changing outcomes. Helping people discover and live their dreams, and fulfilling their God-given potential in greater ways really motivates and energizes me. Typically when we engage something we are passionate about we have boundless energy, creativity and drive. The times and places where our best gifts and passionate enthusiasm intersects are the places where change and growth occurs, sometimes at radical levels.

How do you monetize your talent and passion?

How can you monetize what your are truly best at and love doing?

Being strategic about the future is required if you are going to attempt living your dream and make the money you need. Being intention (living on purpose), relationship skills, negotiation ability, and being smart about critical career choices and how we align ourselves all play a vital role in creating the success and outcomes we desire. Networking, having mentors, and walking and accountable and life-giving partnerships greatly improve our chances of success.

How is God directing your steps?

How has God been speaking to you and directing you to meet needs that you are uniquely prepared and equipped for?

If you are going to experience an acceleration in your destiny, and a life path that converges with your talents, abilities and fulfilling needs at the highest level you are going to have to learn to hear God’s voice. Listening to God’s voice releases power, wisdom and ability in our lives that goes way beyond our natural ability.

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