Getting Your Hopes Up!

Remember that Hope is a choice we need to make daily!

Hi All. Just a quick post of a video I did yesterday about getting and keeping your hopes up despite the COVID-19 challenge we are all dealing with.

In short I referred to Joshua from Bible times and the challenges they faced when entering the Promised Land. God had given them the land, but they had to muster up their courage and cross the river Jordan, and then march on Jericho which was a walled city. No doubt God’s people may have felt challenged and intimidated by these circumstances.

Go read the account for yourself starting in Joshua 1. In a very similar way we are also facing our set of adverse circumstances and “giants”, and likewise need to be full of faith as we hold on to God’s promises for ourselves and our families at this time.

Joshua led the people of God to cross the Jordan and they took the land. They were given new territory, influence, and also affluence. God brought them into greater things despite the challenges they faced. I believe that for us the best is also yet to come!

Our experience will never exceed the level of our faith in God. Our beliefs need to lead us into higher perspectives. Don’t be held back by lower perspectives today.

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