Who Are Your Mentors? Part 1

Hey, this really is such a critical question for now! How do you find the right people to mentor you, and how do you know they are worth the investment of your time, resources, and energy?

I will be continuing with a series of posts on this aspect of leadership and personal development shortly. In the meantime I would like you to make a list of the five top people you are currently following and looking to to impart wisdom, inspiration and strength to you.

Allowing someone to influence you is a high privilege you always extend to that person. They should be totally real and trustworthy!

This sacred stewardship should never be taken for granted or lightly. Someone who merely assumes this position in your life is both arrogant and prideful. As is often stated someone needs to earn the right to speak into your life, and of course I fully agree with this.

Currently most if not all the mentors who are really impacting my life deeply are doing so virtually. What I mean by that is that I am either on their mailing lists, or get their video post updates. Some I have seen personally, or met personally, but the majority I may never meet face to face. This has nothing to do with the Covid-19 Lockdown we are currently in!

The second part of your assignment is to go figure out what it is they do for you, specifically? Go think about what they are contributing to you. How are they help shaping you, and clarifying and empowering you for your assignment.

Assign them a role, pray about God’s intention with them in your life and then hold them and yourself accountable to good outcomes. Also pray for them and the challenges they face! They are only human after all.

Mentorship, or being positively influenced by someone is a gift from God. God sends us people for reasons and seasons. For example Steve Backlund is helping me develop hope, or as he calls it Biblical optimism, in my life right now.

Dr. Earl Brown has imparted wisdom and understanding around a specific very hectic challenge me and my family have had to walk through recently.

Chances are both these leaders are going to stay on my list for quite a while. Influencers like Lance Wallnau, and Jennifer Le Claire who has reemerged very suddenly in my life help me sharpen my prophetic edge, specifically relating to world events and the spiritual battle we seem to be in.

Just today I listened to a message by Lana Vawser that really ministered to me! (She’s not on my current list even…) So what are these people developing in you? Can you see fruit appear, and are you changing? Friends you hang out with for fun, mentors you follow for challenge and to change you.

Mentors have both competence and character. Some characteristics I rate highly is being teachable and open to new ideas. Sometimes with a mentor you may have ideas to help them, but they either never acknowledge your contribution, or potential, or are just so focused on their own game and performance they miss the opportunity of being impacted by your gift! They obviously won’t stay on your list indefinately.

So go make your list and start becoming more intentional of who you are giving a space in your head and heart. Assign them a role, rate their contribution regularly and then reassign them or unsubscribe!

Build your list, experiment and go for gold when it comes to allowing influence over your life! Chat soon and God bless!

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