Your Next Level?

What are the habits of your next Level?

So what does your next level look like? A very potent question if you pause long enough to really think it through. Even more potent if you force yourself to sit and write down what you see for the your main life categories over the next 3 to 5 years.

So what does your next level look like?

Too few leaders and entrepreneurs allow them the time to really slow down for long enough to process these kind of reflective questions. Providing answers to a question like this is essential to next level living though.

Because of our fast pace of living we think it’s a waste of time to pause and re-callibrate. Some of us even feel guilty slowing down for a moment, especially if you’re a high achiever driven by achievement and that next big success. Have you ever needed to reroute while using your GPS while driving? I bet you’ve done it many times, and so have I. So did you consider the 2 to 3 minute it took to stop, get your bearings and reroute via the app to get a new navigation on your destination a waste of time? Well in hindsight we often save more time than just plodding along. Sure you can agree.

So next level living and leading take many of these “rerouting moments”. Requires is actually the better word here. It calls for the discipline of considering your options, creating viable alternatives and then taking action while tracking your achievements and measuring outcomes. This is exactly the process leadership advisors can really help you with. The true strategist takes the time needed to plan ahead.

The true strategist take the time needed to plan ahead

An advisory, or coaching session is pretty much like the pulling over to hit the re-route button on your GPS, and change the approach if needed. Maybe even the desired destination if you figure out your goals or motivations may have changed. The greater the goal, the greater the challenge, the complexity, or the obstacles you’re needing to deal with the greater the need to stop and think. A leadership coach or advisor may add a ton of value to your process if you are open to consider it. Feel free to reach out and get in touch should you like to explore how I may be of service to your next idea.

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